How to setup a YouTube recruiting channel

Setting up your YouTube recruitment channel is easy as pie with a few customizations thrown in. The first step is creating your account. Your username should be your company name so don’t enter any kind of personal information. Company name only will suffice. Once your account is created YouTube will assign you a unique URL. For example, the Jobs in Pods channel is


my account page

Now lets move on to the customization part. Whats great about creating a channel on YouTube is you can actually make a number of modifications to brand it according to your company’s logo and color scheme’s. The first thing you should do is go to your My Account page. This is the “control panel” for all your settings.

1. Click the “Channel Info” link. Enter your company description. Be brief, but tell people who you are in 1 or 2 short paragraphs. In order to keep the page as simple as possible disable the ‘Channel bulletins”. You also have the option of enabling comments. You can decide if anyone can comment or only ‘friends’ you approve.

2. Click the Channel Design link. This is the page where colors and layouts are set. You can select a preset color theme but we suggest overriding those colors in favor of your company colors which you can set in the boxes below. In the Layout Properties section check off ‘Featured Video‘ and ‘My Latest Video‘. Enable ‘Subscriptions‘ and put them in the left column. Then uncheck ‘Contests‘ and ‘Bulletins‘ as they are unnecessary. Make sure the ‘Playlist‘ box is checked.

Make the ‘Videos Box’ a grid and check off Subscribers, Friends and Comments.

In the Advanced Design Customization section you can set your color scheme and upload a background graphic. Use the same colors for each of the boxes on the page. We recommend a darker color for the border and a lighter color for the background. Pick 2 colors from company log to ensure proper branding (and so your marketing dept wont get mad). Make the Background color white (#ffffff) and link to your background image which must be hosted on another server. Make it about 400×400 pixels and give it a light gray color so it doesn’t stand out too much. Choose ‘Repeat Background Image‘ so it tiles on the page.

3. Click the Personal Profile link. Leave most of this page blank except for your website URL. It’s probably a good idea to link directly to your ‘careers’ section. Then upload your company logo in the ‘Profile Picture‘ section.

4. Click the Location Information link. Enter in your company’s HQ current city and zip code.

That’s it, your done. Start uploading your videos and watch the numbers grow.

Monday we’ll have a few more tips for making your company’s videos more popular.

Author: Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton is "Chief Jobcaster" at He is an award-winning producer/director of corporate marketing videos and podcasts. Peter is founder/host of TotalPicture Radio, focused on talent acquisition, HR, TA tech, and leadership.

2 thoughts on “How to setup a YouTube recruiting channel”

  1. At, we’ve used craigslist and are working on harnessing other social media websites like Youtube and Myspace to recruit a more dynamic talent pool: the young, inquisitive and innovative who an increasingly dictating platforms by which they could be reached.

  2. I am an intern in the marketing department of Sentara Healthcare, one of the top 10 integrated health systems in the country. One of my first projects was to create a YouTube account to feature our educational videos. We have recently started to move toward recruitment videos since the number of nurses in the area are declining. I’ve really enjoyed the insighte features YouTube provides as well.

    Regarding the profile picture, we had a lot of trouble getting it to fit in the box un-warped. It turns out that your picture just needs to fit in an 88×88 box.

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