Oracle’s Facebook group out to lunch?

We were browsing the company groups on Facebook today and came across Oracle’s page. Upon first glance it appears to be a popular group with more than 1600 members. But we were disappointed to find that it is rarely updated with content, nor has anyone bothered to remove spam on their comment wall.


There are problems with this group from several standpoints. First, it appears that a lone employee started the initiative. Bad move. Companies wanting to utilize Facebook are better off assigning a TEAM of people to manage the group. That way if one person leaves or loses interest, the group will not get stale.

Secondly you need multiple people to add content and engage the members. There is some content on here but most of it appears to come from overseas members. Its curious why they didn’t start the network as a closed network (employee only) because anyone can join. The only reason to create an open group is for recruiting or PR purposes.

Thirdly, spam has found its way to the Wall and no one has removed it. All administrators have the ability to remove spam so its obvious that the creator has forgotten about this group. (A group can have multiple administrators)

Perhaps one day someone at Oracle will discover this group and close it or revive it the right way.


Author: Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton is "Chief Jobcaster" at He is an award-winning producer/director of corporate marketing videos and podcasts. Peter is founder/host of TotalPicture Radio, focused on talent acquisition, HR, TA tech, and leadership.

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