Please welcome Sarah Rourke, our newest Jobcaster

Sarah RourkeWe’d like to welcome the newest Jobcaster to the Jobs in Pods team. Sarah Rourke is a UK podcaster who will be bringing her unique voice (and lovely accent) to the world of Jobcasting.

BIO: A trained broadcast journalist, Sarah Rourke has worked in both commercial and BBC radio, starting her broadcasting life in her native North of England before venturing to London to work in production at the BBC World Service. After leaving the BBC Sarah qualified as a coach and now combines her journalism and production experience with her coaching skills. She now runs her own company,Audio Pod Artist, which helps solopreneurs and businesses to get their voices into the heads of their prospective clients via podcasting and web audio.


Author: Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton is "Chief Jobcaster" at He is an award-winning producer/director of corporate marketing videos and podcasts. Peter is founder/host of TotalPicture Radio, focused on talent acquisition, HR, TA tech, and leadership.

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