Brazen Careerist on using social media

Ryan Healy, one of the the young guns over on the Brazen Careerist site has a great post about why companies should be using social media. Here’s the full post but check out his quote which we think sums it up neatly.

Social media is a constant conversation and because of this, business is now a constant conversation. It’s a comment string on Brazen Careerist, it’s someone’s Facebook wall, and it’s a Linked In recommendation. Someone, somewhere is out there talking about your company, and they can say whatever they want. All you can do is control the conversation.

Controlling the conversation does not mean telling people how to talk about your company or spamming a couple bloggers with job postings or company descriptions. It means creating a presence where you can initiate and continue a conversation.

What social media requires is authenticity, because even a newbie social media user can sniff out a phony quickly.

We believe that Jobs in Pods is a place you can begin the conversation. We strive to make each and every Jobcast as authentic as possible. Today’s job seekers demand nothing less.

Author: Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton is "Chief Jobcaster" at He is an award-winning producer/director of corporate marketing videos and podcasts. Peter is founder/host of TotalPicture Radio, focused on talent acquisition, HR, TA tech, and leadership.

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