Updated distribution channels

We’ve updated our distribution list for Jobs in Pods. Some new podcast sites were added such as TruMix, PodcastDirectory and Odeo. We also removed some blog sites that were no longer displaying our audio.

These channels represent one of the ways we spread jobcasts across the internet on behalf of our clients. We push out the content to places where podcast people go.


Each time a new jobcast gets published on Jobsinpods.com, these other sites automatically pick up our feed and display the audio. Two exceptions would be Indeed and JobRadio.fm. We have to add the jobcasts manually to those sites.


Author: Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton is "Chief Jobcaster" at JobsinPods.com. He is an award-winning producer/director of corporate marketing videos and podcasts. Peter is founder/host of TotalPicture Radio, focused on talent acquisition, HR, TA tech, and leadership.

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