Great examples of social media recruiting #1 Intel

Intel’s employment branding commercial is now playing on TV and of course Youtube, so it counts as social media recruiting.

This might be the first ever employment branding spot we’ve ever seen on regular TV (by a corporation). It looks to be part of a new ad campaign that we really love. It’s positioning themselves as a “cool” place to work, unlike any other. Nice job Intel!

PS…they do podcasts too!


Author: Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton is "Chief Jobcaster" at He is an award-winning producer/director of corporate marketing videos and podcasts. Peter is founder/host of TotalPicture Radio, focused on talent acquisition, HR, TA tech, and leadership.

One thought on “Great examples of social media recruiting #1 Intel”

  1. This is a great example of an employment branding television advertising campaign, but it is hardly first. Don’t forget about the hundreds (thousands?) of military ads that you’ve likely seen over the years.

    Employers who want to see where employment advertising is going need only look at what the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy are currently doing. They approach recruitment advertising like consumer marketers do, whether that means buying ads on NASCAR vehicles or employment branding campaigns on television. And many of their efforts are not high cost or high profile. Check out a lot of the state high school sports tournaments across the country. You’ll find very few corporate recruiters at those events but inevitably at least one military recruitment desk.

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