The 2016 North American CandE award winners.

tb-2016-stamp-239x300What are the CandEs you ask?

Have you ever applied for a job, spending hours writing a cover letter and jumping through hoops to upload your resumé into the company’s crazy ATS (applicant tracking system), then waiting… and waiting… and never, ever, hear anything back? From anyone? (A curse commonly known as the resumé black hole).

Six years ago, three recruiting and HR leaders – Elaine Orler, Gerry Crispin and Ed Newman got together to address the “candidate problem.”

The result? The Candidate Experience Awards (aka #TheCandEs), and a new non-profit organization, Talent Board was created, focused on the promotion and benchmark research of a quality candidate experience.  Since 2011, The CandE Awards have grown to an international movement. Continue reading “The 2016 North American CandE award winners.”

1 way to jump start your company twitter account

via Twitip: Most companies have joined Twitter by now but there are a few that have lagged behind. If you’re a part of this group (as my company was), it can be really intimidating to jump into the social media scene when your competitors already have established accounts with hundreds (or thousands) of followers. I used these techniques to jump my new account from 0 to 350 followers in one month, bypassing the awkward infancy period of a new Twitter account almost entirely.

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GE Careers and Facebook

Since we’ve been following GE Careers on facebook we’ve been impressed with how they have been using it to recruit. Case in point: Engaging Candidates Directly through job webinars.

The key word here is ‘engagement’. Facebook is a great tool for that and GE is taking full advantage. Their fan page now has over 1,200 “subscribers” whom GE can message anytime they wish. Their “Meet our People” posts are also a great example of facebook engagement.

Nice job GE.