Why is this so hard????


From the Fortune 500 to SMBs, companies are investing time, energy, and resources on employer branding, talent attraction, building talent communities, campus recruiting events, career days, and other outreach initiatives. As part of the growing importance of having a robust recruiting strategy, an organization is continuously updating its Facebook page,  company Linkedin page, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Then advertising their open reqs on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, job boards… Investing significant amounts of money to attract job candidates.

However, much of this is wasted effort. Let me explain.

Candidate’s organizations are targeting are encouraged to go to the company’s career page, where they read lofty descriptions of how wonderful, and forward thinking and exciting “XYZ” company is. “A place where employees can grow and achieve great things,” they promise.

Then, innocently enough, the interested job seeker attempts to submit her/his résumé, using the applicant tracking system (ATS), conveniently located right there on the career portal. Importantly, the company makes it very clear that submitting your résumé through the ATS is the only way to apply for a job.

And it’s at this inflection point where everything goes straight to hell.

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