Great examples of social media recruiting #1 Intel

Intel’s employment branding commercial is now playing on TV and of course Youtube, so it counts as social media recruiting.

This might be the first ever employment branding spot we’ve ever seen on regular TV (by a corporation). It looks to be part of a new ad campaign that we really love. It’s positioning themselves as a “cool” place to work, unlike any other. Nice job Intel!

PS…they do podcasts too!


What the Pope can teach employers about social media

If social media is good enough for the Pope, isn’t it good enough for your company?

That was the question that came to mind last week when the Vatican announced its own Youtube channel. The announcement is further proof that social media is a powerful communications tool, something that many recruiters fail to grasp.

Before we go further we invite you to read our own Youtube recruiting tips.


We read several articles on this new venture and here are some of those quotes;

1. “The Vatican said that with the YouTube channel, it hoped to broaden and unite the pontiff’s audience — an estimated 1.4 billion people are online worldwide — while giving the Holy See better control over the pope’s Internet image.”

2. “it was the latest effort to keep up to speed with the rapidly changing field of communications and new media.”

3. “it’s a way of communicating the church’s message beyond the members of the Church.”

So a Youtube channel is just way a company can control its side of the story in a world where you have no control over what is being said about you. Its a chance to reach out to the next generation workforce and tell them DIRECTLY who you are and what you have to offer as a place of work.

Those companies who embrace this new wave of recruiting will be a step ahead of their competitors when the economy bounces back. And best of all, other than the time involved, its absolutely free. So what are you waiting for? Join the likes of Sodexo, Deloitte, Nestle Purina and now the Pope in the social media recruiting world.