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Online recruiting tool gives employers a voice in the job market.


TRUMBULL, CT – [March 6, 2007] – If you’re an HR manager who is looking for more memorable ways to advertise your jobs and promote your employer brand, then a new online recruiting tool may be just what you seek. is a unique service that brings jobs and podcasts together. The site, which is also a blog, advertises your jobs through audio podcast interviews which they conduct over the phone with your HR staff & employees.


During each interview you’ll be asked the kind of questions that job seekers want answers to. Questions like: What’s it like to work there? What kind of perks do you offer? How do you encourage employee growth? You’ll then talk about the jobs you’re hiring for and how to apply. Each interview is recorded and published on and sent to other podcast sites including iTunes and Podcast Pickle. Employers are also given a feed of their own interviews which they can publish on their web site.


Recruiting is marketing“, says C.M. Russell , the founder of Jobs in Pods. “We allow employers to bring their jobs to life and connect with job seekers in ways the traditional job description can’t touch “, he adds. “ This is a strategic marketing tool for forward thinking employers who want to stand out in the job market.


Russell contends that today’s generation of job seekers require a different approach to recruiting . “They don’t like dull, corporate-speak. They require unique and creative methods of communication. iPods are also part of their daily life and any company which uses Jobs in Pods will have their podcasts available for download on the iTunes site.


HR professionals agree. “ This is a natural way for us to increase our employment branding “, says Martin Burns, Recruiting Manager at ZoomInfo in Waltham, Massachusetts. “ For employers in general, this is a great way to reach a broad audience. It’s quick and painless, and it’s much easier to convey passion about a workplace verbally as opposed to in a print job ad “.


It’s also easy. There’s no software to learn and no technical knowledge needed. Each interview takes about 15 to 20 minutes and participants are given an informal script to prepare. “We do all the work says” says Russell. “All you have to do is pick up the phone and talk to us”. is owned and operated by, LLC of Trumbull, CT. For more information contact us by phone at 800-399-6651 or send an email to