Thirty-four Percent of Employers Plan to Hire Full-Time, Permanent Employees in the Second Quarter, CareerBuilder’s Forecast Finds

A Quarter of U.S. Workers Plan to Change Jobs This Year

CHICAGO – March 31, 2016 – The U.S. has added private sector jobs every month for the last six years,1 and the latest forecast from CareerBuilder shows this trend will continue in the second quarter. One third of employers (34 percent) plan to add full-time, permanent employees over the next three months and 37 percent plan to hire temporary or contract workers.

At the same time, U.S. workers are looking for better job opportunities: 1 in 4 workers (25 percent) plan to change jobs this year.

“Overall, U.S. job growth has been consistent despite volatility in the stock market and weaker performances in global economies,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of The Talent Equation. “The vast majority of companies are either maintaining their headcount or adding new employees at various skill levels. This is promising news for college students approaching graduation and seasoned workers who want to re-enter the workforce or change jobs.”

The national survey was conducted online on behalf of CareerBuilder by Harris Poll between Feb. 10 and March 17, 2016 and included a representative sample of more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals and more than 3,000 full-time employees across industries in the private sector.

Permanent Hiring in Q1 2016

Hiring in the first three months of 2016 outperformed the same period in 2015. Thirty-seven percent of employers hired full-time, permanent employees, up from 35 percent last year. The percentage of employers who decreased headcount (9 percent) is on par with last year. Fifty-three percent reported no change in their headcount while 1 percent said their company is undecided.

Permanent Hiring in Q2 2016

Looking ahead, 34 percent of employers plan to add full-time, permanent staff in the second quarter, up from 32 percent last year. Seven percent expect to decrease staff, down slightly from 8 percent last year. Fifty-five percent anticipate no change while 5 percent are undecided.

Industries expected to match or exceed the national average for adding full-time, permanent headcount in the second quarter are:

Health Care (50 or more employees) – 44 percent
Financial Services – 42 percent
Leisure & Hospitality – 41 percent
Information Technology –- 40 percent
Temporary Hiring

Temporary employment continues to be a popular option for companies. Thirty-seven percent of employers plan to hire temporary or contract workers in the second quarter, on par with 2015. Thirty-three percent plan to transition some contract or temporary staff into permanent employees in the second quarter, up from 31 percent last year.

Hiring By Company Size

While large organizations are adding staff at a faster rate, the increased confidence small- and medium-sized businesses have displayed in previous quarters is expected to carry over into Q2:

50 or fewer employees – 24 percent plan to increase the number of full-time, permanent staff in Q2, up from 23 percent last year; those reducing headcount remained at 4 percent
250 or fewer employees – 29 percent plan to increase the number of full-time, permanent staff in Q2, up from 27 percent last year; those reducing headcount remained at 6 percent
More than 500 employees – 41 percent plan to increase the number of full-time, permanent staff in Q2, up from 38 percent last year; those reducing headcount decreased from 9 percent last year to 8 percent

Companies may be feeling increased pressure to become more competitive with compensation. While 25 percent of employers anticipate no change in salary levels in the second quarter compared to the same period last year, 25 percent expect to boost salaries by at least 5 percent. Forty-four percent anticipate there will be an increase of 4 percent or less while 2 percent expect a decrease and 4 percent are undecided.

1 Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the U.S. by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder among 2,186 hiring and human resource managers and 3,031 employees ages 18 and over (employed full-time, not self-employed, non-government) between February 10 and March 17, 2016 (percentages for some questions are based on a subset, based on their responses to certain questions). With pure probability samples of 2,186 and 3,031, one could say with a 95 percent probability that the overall results have sampling errors of +/- 2.10 and +/- 1.78 percentage points, respectively. Sampling error for data from sub-samples is higher and varies.

About CareerBuilder®

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Pricing Update for 2013

We want to inform all of our Jobs in Pods clients that beginning in January of 2013, the cost of our YouTube jobcasting component will increase to $249 per jobcast. This increase is due to the significant investment we’ve made to the production values used in producing the videos; specifically a major increase in the use of motion graphics and photography. We now spend four to five hours creating each video. This remains an incredible deal when you consider what most 10 minute employer branding videos cost to produce.

For those of you unfamiliar with our YouTube – our videos are created using the audio track from our podcasts, combined with photographs of the individuals being interviewed, photographs of locations, events, and products; corporate logos, branding, and text.

Here’s an example of a recent YouTube video promoting GEICO’s Leadership Program: The jobcast features two University of Arizona seniors who worked as interns last summer, participated in GEICO’s “Brand Ambassador” program on campus, and are now joining GEICO full-time in their Supervisor Leadership Program. Our client supplied us with a number of nice photographs of the two students on campus. We combined these with pictures of on-campus recruiting events, the GEICO logo, other GEICO brand graphics (like the Gecko) and text. Here’s a link to the video –

Another example: a jobcast promoting merchandising opportunities at Follett Higher Education Group. Chad Phillips, Vice President of Merchandise Administration and Louise Stoffels, Director-Planning of General Merchandise discuss career paths at the company. The video features examples of university branded clothing designed and sourced by FHEG, shots of campus bookstores managed by the company. Motion graphics and text fill out the video. You can watch it here:

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800,000 jobcast downloads

That is what we believed would happen when we launched this jobcast service 4 years ago in the online recruiting world. And that is what happened. Listeners came in droves and our clients reaped the benefits of humanizing their companies. One podcast (aka jobcast) at a time.

Today we are proud to announce that Jobs in Pods has produced almost 200 jobcasts that have now been listened to almost 800,000 times. Thats an average of 200,000 downloads each year. Over 283,000 of that number come directly from our Youtube channel located at

The goal of each jobcast we produce is to humanize your company by letting your employees speak for themselves. Whats it like to work there? Whats the best part about your job? Why should a potential candidate apply? These are the kinds of questions we ask. These are the kinds of answers job seekers want (and frankly deserve to hear).

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Jobs in Pods is how quickly it was adopted by the Fortune 500 companies. Firms like GE, IBM, Walgreen, McDonald’s, Nestle were among the first to use our service. Tech giant Intel has been our most prolific client. They have done more than 20 jobcasts and generated over 100,000 downloads of their audio. Much of this engagement has been driven by a dedicated podcast page setup internally on their career portal. They have been ecstatic about the results by getting hires, showcasing their employees and building their employment brand.

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Latest internet podcast stats

Edison Research has recently published The Current State of Podcasting, a study of American podcast consumers’ attitudes and behaviors. The 2010 report is Edison’s fifth annual study and was unveiled earlier this fall at Blogworld in Las Vegas.

Here’s the skinny;

* Percentage of Americans who have ever watched or listened to a podcast is 45%, up from 43% one year ago. This equates to approximately 70 million Americans 12+.

* The podcast audience has migrated from being predominantly “early adopters” to more closely resembling mainstream media consumers.

* Two-thirds of podcast consumers have listened to digital audio files in their vehicles by connecting an iPod or other MP3 player to their car audio system.

* Podcasts are being consumed primarily at the computer, and less frequently than last year via the mobile device or “dedicated media player” like the iPod or Zune.

You can watch a presentation of this report here:

The Current State Of Podcasting from Tom Webster on Vimeo.


Change is good.

Peter Clayton
Today we’re announcing that Peter Clayton, our longtime Senior Podcaster is being promoted to Senior Jobcaster & Producer. He will head all activities of Jobs in Pods and client accounts. If you are a client of ours Peter will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks to re-introduce himself to you.

Our President & Founder Chris Russell will head ‘behind the scenes’ to focus on special projects.

Congrats to Peter.

Long live jobcasting!

1 way to jump start your company twitter account

via Twitip: Most companies have joined Twitter by now but there are a few that have lagged behind. If you’re a part of this group (as my company was), it can be really intimidating to jump into the social media scene when your competitors already have established accounts with hundreds (or thousands) of followers. I used these techniques to jump my new account from 0 to 350 followers in one month, bypassing the awkward infancy period of a new Twitter account almost entirely.

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